3 Grated Cheese Blend

Grated Italian Cheeses 1

3 Grated Cheese Blend 

The best flavors come from the best ingredients used. When I am making any of my dishes or to garnish off a dish just before serving, nothing beats a well-made blend of cheeses. You pick the right cheeses, you can embark flavors into your dishes that will put them over the top.

I remember wearing pony tails and being in the kitchen with my mom grating away with a box grater on the fine grating side and the best part was getting that piece of cheese at the end you could not grate since your fingers would be gone if you did. Hmm, maybe that was my excuse so I could eat that last bit 🙂 I plead the fifth. HA HA
But back then we would have to do each one separately and she wanted them in each of their own containers, but for me, taking those little last pieces from each brand of cheese and then laying them on top of each other for that perfect cheese bite was my reward for helping in the kitchen.

Ironically I am still making that perfect bite today only now I mix them and use them for that perfect bite to be used in the dishes I make today.
Ok maybe I am talking like a typical Italian or maybe it is my grass roots of being a true Wisconsinite but in either case, YOU NEVER GO WRONG when adding cheeses like these to any meal or side dish.

This combination can be used in pasta dishes, add flavor to spreads like my 3 Cheese Garlic Spread, better seasoning to steamed vegetables then just salt and pepper, in salads, potato dishes, or any time you want to take something up a notch this is the combination for you.

In my years, I have heard some people say they like one of these 3 cheeses but the others by themselves are too intense. Honestly when they taste this combination of cheeses, they get a whole new flavor and the things they may not have liked in one cheese alone is gone when combined. These complement each other perfectly. There are times I use these alone in cooking but that we will cover down the road but for now, Lets get Grating 🙂

If you have a food processor with a fine grater disk it will make this job much easier or you can get a box grater and use that super fine side but trust me watch your fingers. The brand I used for this demonstration is easily available to most and the flavors are very close to the ones I use.
I get mine directly from Italy and I wanted to find a flavor as close to mine I could get. If this brand is not available in your town, try to find ones that are imported.

Things You Will Need:

Food Processor fitted with Fine Grating Disk – or – Box Grater for by hand grating use the fine grating side.
Knife/Scissors to open packages of cheeses
Small Cutting Board
Sharp Knife to cut cheeses to fit feeding tube of processor
Large Bowl
Large Balloon Whisk
3 Quart Container with tight fitting lid

If using a Box Grater – this is the side you want to grate on.
wmf-4-side-box-grater1 (2)

Grated Italian Cheses 2


  • BelGioioso Asiago Cheese the size shown is 8 oz
  • BelGioioso Romano Cheese the size shown is 8 oz
  • BelGioioso Parmesan Cheese the size shown is 8 oz

Unwrap all the cheeses with scissors or knife. With the sharp knife and cutting board, cut cheeses to fit processor only if your feeding tube will not accommodate these wedges. Cut off a small edge on the Romano and Parmesan cheese. See Key Note below.

Key Note: On most of your better made Parmesan and Romano cheeses there is a darker yellow almost fake looking edge to it. It is on the wide end of the wedge and you do want to include all this edge. It is a dryer part of the cheese or more aged part – also sharper taste to it. I usually cut a thin slice off that side and discard it. It opens up the edge and will grate smoother in the processor, DO NOT CUT ALL of it off only a small thin slice.
If you are grating by hand leave this on since it will give you a little buffer between you and the graters edge especially when you start to grate that drier area.

Another Key Note: When looking at cheeses to buy some of the names they use tell you what type of milk was used or what area they were made from. For example, Romano can be made from different milks or a combination of them, one of the most popular is Pecorino Romano which is made of sheep’s milk. So when shopping for cheeses they are named accordingly like Vaccino (cow’s milk), Pecorino (sheep’s milk) or Caprino (goat’s milk). The other names on the cheeses may be depicted by the region it was made in. There are laws in Italy that specify how a cheese is named and they have the only rights to name it that way. Like Parmesan Cheese, the best of the best is only from the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, and Bologna to the west of the Reno River and Mantua to the east of the Po River. This Special perfect cheese is named Parmigiano Reggiano but a tad more costly than other parmesans but so worth it.

Place the harder cheeses in first which are Parmesan and the Romano, the Asiago is a hard cheese but a tad softer than the other two and you do not want it to clump up on the bottom of the processor or get your blade clumped up.
If grating by hand start with the harder cheeses as well since they will keep the grating holes open then that of the softer Asiago. Using the box grater you need to grate on the fine side, this side has holes that look like little stars.

Place each one in the feed tube, turn the processor on (Not pulse) and feed it is slowly with the feeding plunger. Let the disk do its job. If your processor is small you will need to dump it in the large bowl and proceed to the next one, if your processor has a larger capacity then just add the next wedge and keep going until all are grated.

Grated Italian Cheeses 3

After you have all your cheeses grated pour the cheeses into a large bowl, use your whisk and mix them together. Place in container with a tight fitting lid and keep refrigerated. These cheeses will do well in the refrigerator for a long time since they are aged and dry. I have never had to throw them out ever even up to a year. If I notice any mold of course you will need to discard but for how much I use it, I have never had to. The only thing I would suggest for the person who does not use this all the time, keep them in the original shape and grate as you use. Just grate each one into a bowl and mix up before use.

You can purchase larger quantities than shown here. I do this all the time and they can hold up to years in the freezer in an air tight bag or container which I will be covering in another post down the road.


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