Bell Pepper Cleaning and Prep

1 Cleaning Green Peppers
Bell Pepper Cleaning and Prep

There are so many ways to cut and clean bell peppers. Everyone has their say in this and so do I 🙂 Here you will find an easy to follow instruction that covers the basics of Bell Pepper Cleaning. There is so many ways to dress them up, use in different dishes you prepare, or just enjoy them with your favorite dip. The flavor, depending on the variety you choose, really can set the stage to the dish you prepare with these bad boys. 🙂

Nothing beats fresh off the vine bell peppers and if you have never planted or tasted them fresh??? Truly, you are in for a great surprise. If planted and cared for correctly you will have such a great piece of fruit with no bitter taste and the smell is no comparison to store bought but that I will be covering down the road. In this lesson I want to show you how to properly prepare them so their true taste takes the stage and you eliminate some of that bitter flavor that can come from them.

Bell peppers have flavors ranging from bold and hearty to levels of sweet depending on its variety. The fresher they are also plays a role on there taste and level of bitterness. Store bought is a perfect example. They usually have been ripened in a warehouse before they are shipped to your store and when they arrive not only do they lack in nutrition but also in flavor.

The reason for proper preparation and cutting of a bell pepper has been a controversial conversation by many cooks and chefs and each have their own thoughts on this. I have found that if you properly devein the pepper it will have less bitter taste since that part embarks the most bitterness. This part is the life source of the pepper when it’s growing so it also can give a tougher bite as well. Test it for yourself, take a bite of a pepper without doing the steps I have shown here keeping this vein in and take a bite from one you did follow the steps, you will absolutely taste the difference and will never cut your peppers another way again. Plus many cut the whole top off and to me, WHY WASTE WHAT YOU PAID FOR!!! :0 Noooo hehe

This way of cleaning bell peppers removes “most” of that bitter you can taste but also will increase the overall flavor of your prepared dish. I say “MOST” because, buying peppers you can not control how they were grown.
First purchase firm, heavy, tight glossy skin without puckering or wrinkling and the flesh or meat of the pepper should be thick and crisp. Stay away from the packaged types. The packaged types actually are older and the packaging they use is to make them appear shiny and fresh. Do not be fooled by this marketing trick. It is an excellent selling technique.

Things You Will Need:
Sharp Boning Knife
Cutting Board
Air Tight Container

The first step in cleaning peppers is to be sure you remove any labels if you purchased them from a store.
Place them in a colander and wash under cold water. Be sure to lightly rub the outside skin with your fingers removing any possible contaminants. Think of how many hands have touched those peppers and where they may have come from. Wash wash wash!!!

Once you have them clean, I use a boning knife since it has a nice long tip to get into the pepper, cut a tight circle around the top next to the stem. Here is where many just cut the top off and to me that is a waste. Remove the stem from the meat of the pepper. Discard the stem and any of the seeds that came with it.

2 Cleaning Green Peppers

Take your knife and cutting board, cut straight down the center to open the pepper into 2 halves

On the inside (the flesh side of the pepper) you will see the white vein sections throughout the pepper this is that bitter part you need to get rid of. It is also where most of the seeds are attached to the pepper. Take your pairing knife and cut diagonal to this vein. Almost a 70-80° Angle.

3 Cleaning Green Peppers


Do the same diagonal cut on the opposite side of the vein and discard the white piece.

Continue this to all the white veins of the pepper and store in an air tight container in your vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. I leave the pieces in these large sections so I can cut them accordingly to what I am making plus they store better in larger pieces.

To learn how to cut a pepper for specific meals be sure to check out my Cutting Peppers for Different Dishes

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