Festive Easter Rice Krispy Treat Eggs

Rice Krispy Treat Eggs
Festive Easter Rice Krispy Treat Eggs

This little fun festive basket is filled with not just Krispy Treats but they also have a nice thin layer of white chocolate coloring to make this cute little addition to your Easter Basket.

This is all about what you already know how to make, the difference is just a twist on the traditional and also a few extras. Have fun with this one I know I did. I will be getting more into a lot of these steps down the road but for those who are comfortable with melting chocolate I thought I would shoot this out to you. 🙂

What You Will Need:
2-3 Half Sheet Pans
Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer with Beater Blades
Bowls for Colored Chocolate (microwavable) also (if using hand mixer large bowl)
Plastic Eggs (that open of course)
Wire Racks with Drip Pan for Underneath

1 Recipe Rice Krispy Treats (Reduce the amount of Marshmallows by 1 cup and increase butter 1/2 stick)
Gel Food Coloring or Candy Food Coloring (use toothpicks for amounts)
4 oz White Chocolate (small pieces) Melted
1/4 Cup Corn Syrup Warmed
1/4 Cup to 1 Cup Water Warmed
4-5 Cups Powder Sugar
Butter Room Temp

Place a thin coating of butter inside both top and bottom of your plastic eggs and place aside. Make your favorite recipe of rice krispy treats and while still warm place inside the egg and stuff it tight. Close and place on half sheet pan and continue this with all of your eggs.
Place in refrigerator to harden and cool.

While the eggs are cooling – Melt your white chocolate either by microwave or using a double boiler be sure not to burn it so if using microwave be sure to melt it slowly 10-20 second boosts and stir until melted. Heat up your corn syrup. Place your powder sugar in mixer and on VERY low Speed add your warm corn syrup and melted chocolate – while turn on low start to add your warm water a little at a time and continue mixing until desired thickness – I had mine very thin.

Separate the mixture into your coloring bowls and add only a toothpick amount of coloring and stir. If your mixture is firming up place in microwave for 10 seconds to warm. Remember not to go longer than 10 second intervals you do not want to burn your chocolate.

Take out your eggs and open them, they should be firm and easily removable because of that thin layer of butter you placed on the inside. Dip each one in the colors and coat. Pull out with fork and tap off excess – place on wire rack to set.
Repeat with all colors and let them sit out until easy to touch – DO NOT REFRIDGERATE after coating placed – moisture is your enemy here so keep them out of the fridge. they will be fully set within a few hours if not sooner. I lift each one half way through to assure they will not be stuck to my rack and let them rest like this overnight. Next day I was able to touch them comfortably. Hope you have fun with this one 🙂

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