Frying Perfect Peppers

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Frying Perfect Peppers

Nothing beats the smell and the taste of this perfect little addition to the right meal. Slightly crisp center with just the right amount of darkening of the outside skin. Dripping with flavor to enhance any meal. They can be added to a roaster at one point or to your favorite Italian sausage. It is just that little extra a meal needs to be complete.

Frying the perfect bell pepper seems simple right? Most of the time though people will over cook or under cook them and when you want it to be just right for a main dish or the perfect little go along in a sausage bun, timing is everything. The fresher the pepper the less time it needs to be fried depending on how you are presenting it in your dish.

This base recipe will be used over and over again. like in my

Follow along and you will have the best tasting pepper for any meal plus the best technique to get perfection every time.

Things You Will Need:
1 Medium to Large Fry Pan – (NOT NON-STICK)
1 Metal Tongs
1 Spatter Screen (optional but personally, I like my stove splatter free)
Container or Dish to Serve with


Key Note:
Cutting and cleaning the peppers is very important so be sure to follow the links above first for proper cleaning and preparation and then return here for how to fry them.

Key Note:
Non-stick pans will not give the right color or sear so do not use that type of pan for frying peppers. They will be soggy and not properly cooked. I use a nice restaurant quality aluminum pan or a steel pan for this type of frying. They give the perfect sear and lock in the juices.

Place the pan on medium heat without oil for 5 minutes (hot pan – cold oil = reduced sticking)
After 5 minutes or your pan is nice and hot add the oil.

How To's - Frying Green Peppers for  Different Meals 2

Then add the peppers. With your tongs just move them around a little bit to coat with oil then let them be. You should hear a nice shhh sound and see bubbles under the peppers in the pan.


Place the splatter screen over the pan to reduce oil on your stove and on you. This stuff is HOT and will burn you very fast so I suggest invest in a spatter screen.
Leave them cook for about 2-3 minutes. You will see a white spotting start on the skins.

How To's - Frying Green Peppers for  Different Meals 5

With your metal tongs, flip each one to another side and recover with splatter screen and let them cook on that side for 2-3 minutes. Again look for the white spotting.

How To's - Frying Green Peppers for  Different Meals 6

Continue to flip them until all sides have touched the pan and cooked for 2-3 minutes plus the white spotting pattern is seen – always remember to use the screen between turns.

Now depending on how you plan to use them,
Oven roasting;
If placing in a roaster for larger baked meals, you want to be sure not to overcook them. For this implementation, turn them one more time on each side after the white spotting is noticed for only 1-2 minutes for each side and remove for use in the baking pan. These will not be golden and completely finished since they will finish the cooking cycle in the oven. They will still be very firm. (If not firm you cooked them too far)

For Condiment – Example, to go with Italian Sausage and Peppers;
You want a nice golden appearance in areas, almost the look like they have been on an open flame. After they start to get those white spots this is where they start to turn that wonderful golden. Leave them on the last side and do not turn them until you see the light spots starting to turn brownish and golden. Turn them to another side again and wait for that golden color to occur on that side. Should only take about 2-3 more minutes on each side to get this color also the pepper itself will start to bend nicely without getting overly limp. Once they have gotten that color on most of the sides remove and place aside until ready to use. You may only have a spot here and there of golden and that is ok – overcooked is not what you want so remove when you see it has some color on all sides.

Remember to keep all the oil from the pan with the peppers it will add even more flavor to them and keep them perfect and plump for reheat.

I store my cooked peppers in a bowl so I can reheat them easily in a hot pan or I keep them in a warming drawer until ready for use. If I am making this for a large party I place them in a crock pot and keep them on warm. I always make them the day of the event.


If needing to make it ahead of time, especially for large gatherings, you can refrigerate overnight– they hold up well in a large Nesco or pan filled to the brim. I do this all the time when I serve my Italian Sausage and Peppers but I store all them together so the flavors of the sausage mix with the flavors of the peppers. 🙂

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