Frying Tortilla Chips

Frying Tortilla Chips 1
Frying Tortilla Chips

Mostly everyone has had a corn chip of some sort in their day but nothing beats FRESH!!
The fresh crispy goodness and light flavor will make you want to make them again and honestly nothing goes better with homemade salsa or my Fresh Guacamole Dip. Make a lot trust me you will be so sad when they are gone 🙂

You have gone to that perfect Mexican restaurant and wish you could have those chips at any time but feel it will take to many hours to achieve that yumminess ?? Well I am here to tell you NOPE! 🙂 It is probably one of the easiest things you will ever do and a lot less expensive and the taste is just short of amazing. You can reheat them on a sheet pan just before serving and your family or guests will think you were cooking all day or what if they ask you where you bought them ??? Talk about a compliment 🙂

What You Will Need:

Heavy Metal Deep Sauce Pan
1 Sheet Pan
Paper Towels
Sharp Knife
Metal Mesh Strainer
Metal Tongs
Cutting Board
Frying Thermometer (optional) or use test method described below


  • Canola Oil – enough to fill 2 Inches deep
  • Corn Tortillas – (NOT THE FLOUR TYPE) (I buy El-Ray since they are made fresh Do not skimp out on this – look for a Mexican store near you and see if they sell freshly made.)
  • Sea Salt

These can be stored in airtight container up to 1 week but must be reheated in the oven as instructed below to bring back that wonderful crisp and taste.
Store them between paper towels to absorb excess grease.

Fill Pan with oil and let it get to temperature at a medium heat

Frying Tortilla Chips 4

While oil is heating up, place your corn tortillas on cutting board and cut them into thick strips as shown below.

Frying Tortilla Chips 3

Place paper towel in sheet pan double layered and get your work station set up near the pan of hot oil.

Frying Tortilla Chips 2

Test your oil either by using the thermometer (about 325° F) or use the Testing Method-placing 1 strip in the pan carefully and look for reaction from the bubbles. No Bubbles??? Pull it out and wait for another testing – If you have the bubbles it is time to add more but do not over crowd the pot. My pot shown is larger so I was able to place 4 to 5 strips in at a time. If using a smaller pan then reduce the amount.

Frying Tortilla Chips 5

Move them around with the metal whisk strainer  or tongs so they cook evenly.

When the bubbles start to reduce and they are getting that nice light golden color they are done. They will also firm up as shown below. When they reach this color they will burn rather quick so move quickly here.

Frying Tortilla Chips 8

Remove them all with metal mesh or tongs and place them on paper toweled sheet pan. Lay them out and add a little salt to them while still wet from the oil. Be careful if using tongs to remove them to much pressure will cause them to crush.
Proceed with the rest of them until all are done.

Frying Tortilla Chips 9

When ready to eat either serve when done or warm them later, turn your oven on to 270° F place them on a naked sheet pan spread them out and heat only until warm in the middle of the oven. It should only take 5-10 minutes in a preheated oven. Serve immediately and seriously enjoy 🙂

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