Italian Sausage and Peppers

Italian Sausage and Peppers 1 (2)
Italian Sausage and Peppers

This has to be the first thing I learned to cook. I cannot recall a time the smell of this little gem being in our house at some time in any given week. While my friends at school were having hotdogs we were having these. Truly the best thing on a bun. The seasonings of the Italian sausage and the deep robust flavors of green peppers fried to perfection gave the one and only perfect single bite of yumminess. The mix of flavor in this is just short of amazing and OH sooo simple to make.

You go to any church festival or head out to our Festa Italiana at the Summerfest grounds, this is one of the main attractions and favorites that is never passed up. The lines go on forever and I totally understand why. It is the best simplest thing that will ever cross your lips. If made correctly, you will be having it once a week just like we did when I was a child and still do to this day. There is not a lot of condiments in this but if you wish that is up to you but simple is best when it comes to this and I would never ever place anything outside of the peppers on this. Why mess with that perfect bite. šŸ™‚

Things You Will Need:

1 Nesco or Crock Pot (Size according the amounts you are making)
Grill ā€“ optional (not for cooking them read Grill Variation below)


Once you have made your sausage according to How To Cook Italian Sausage In An Oven
You have made the perfect peppers according to Frying Perfect Peppers

Now it is time to bring them together. In a Nesco or crock pot place the Peppers.

Italian Sausage and Peppers 4

Add the sausages and all the reserved juices, add Ā½ cup water mix with tongs if a large amount add 1 cup of water.
Heat until ready and hot. Turn Nesco to 300Ā° or low on crock pots. You do not want to cook them here you are just getting the flavors to mix and heat.

Italian Sausage and Peppers 5

Place sausage with tongs in the bun then layer your peppers on both sides and serve.

Grill Variation:
Great for large parties and events. You will be at the grill serving from there so be sure to have all your plates, ingredients and grill/grills ready.

For a little of that festival taste ā€“ Start up your outdoor grill and when the coals are almost ready (oh yes COALS are best) place your sausages, juices and 1 cup water in a pan that can tolerate the grill heating it from below. I use restaurant metal pans that can handle High heat. Move them around with tongs in the pan so they do not sit in one place long. You want them hot before you do the following steps.
In a smaller grill safe pan place your finished green peppers and do the same with the tongs. Remember to keep an eye on this since this is constant heat hitting those pans. For extra protection place a nice thick layer of foil under the pans. If your Grill is small you can combine the sausage and peppers into one pan but when you do the next step be sure to only grab the sausage.
Just before serving ā€“ place only the sausage on an open part of the grill surface ā€“ they are already hot you are just adding that glorious festival grill taste to them turn a few times and place in the awaiting bun with a few green peppers on both sides. Truly amazing ā€“ Who needs to go to a fair when you can have this in your backyard?

Bun Prep;
I have my buns cut and inside a grill safe pan ā€“ I place two layers of foil on the inside of the pan to protect them from getting to hot and they are on a smaller separate grill ā€“ steaming and heating ļŠ All I have to do is open the lid grab a bun place it on a plate and fill.
The hubs serves my guests the buns on their plates then they come to me for the rest.

Another Version of Bun Prep;
You can also add a tad more flavor to the buns by toasting them slightly in a pan on the stove before placing them in the pan on the grill. To do this, lightly butter the inside of each bun and place open side down on a hot pan or griddle for a few minutes until they get a very light golden, then place them in the pan as instructed above to stay warm.

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