Seasoned Flour for Multiple Uses

1 Seasoned FLour
 Seasoned Flour for Multiple Uses

Why pay for seasoned flour mixes that are overpriced and filled with ingredients you need a degree in chemistry to pronounce. This recipe is only 3 ingredients, Easy to make, and available to you in your home whenever you need it. Perfect seasoned flour is a staple you should always have readily available in your kitchen. This recipe adds flavor to your dishes, versatile, and can be kept on your shelf next to your regular flour when you need it.
A perfectly stocked kitchen with staples you use often is a must and time saver, especially when time is short these days. Having the right ingredients available makes cooking and baking so much easier and more enjoyable since less steps are required to get to the end result. This is a staple you would always want available to you at your fingertips so less preparation and mixing is involved when it is dinner making time.

This base flour mix is for dishes that require seasoned flour as a coating, in gravy’s to add flavor and double as a thickener, adding of other spices to take on a whole different flavor or add creams and you have a batter ready in minutes. You never have to worry if you added enough salt or pepper since it is already perfect.

I always have this staple ready on my shelf for instant use or add a few other ingredients and can change the base flour mix to whatever application I am using it for. Less seasoning is also needed since the ingredients are already in the flour mix. You will see this base recipe come up often in my recipes and is a key part of my Chicken Vesuvius. 🙂 

Things You Will Need:
Large Mixing Bowl
Measuring Cups
Large Balloon Whisk
Large Container With Tight Fitting Lid – (a container that you would use to store your flour)
Label Marked “Seasoned Flour” (See below for easy inexpensive label I use)


  • 6 Cups Flour (All Purpose)
  • ¼ Cup Salt (I use Sea Salt ground fine)
  • ¼ Cup Ground Pepper

Measure flour and place in large bowl, measure salt and pepper place in with flour. Using your whisk, mix together until all seasonings are combined.

Seasoned Flour Salt & Pepper

3 Seasoned Flour Whisked together




Place the seasoned flour in airtight container. Label & store with your other dry ingredients.

4 Seasoned Flour Airtight Container

Special Note:

My dry ingredient containers are not in view in my kitchen since light can break down the structure and shelf life. Post notes are a nice inexpensive label and can easily be removed for washing or changing names on the contents. Add a little scotch tape and use a marker for easy readability and you have your label. That simple and that cost effective.

5 Easy Labeling

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