Tomato Salad for Relish Platter

Tomato Salad for Relish Platter 1Tomato Salad for Relish Platter

This is a standard relish on our table during the holidays, football game parties or any time you want to spruce up that fresh olive or cheese platter. The flavors of fresh tomatoes and mild onions mixed with the perfect Italian seasonings and oil make this disappear within moments of it being on the table. I cannot remember a time this simple little gem was not on our table. It is light, refreshing, and makes your palate ready to enjoy anything you may be serving with it. It compliments a large meal as well as small events. It makes me think of summer and how much I cannot wait for those first ripe tomatoes from my garden. Oh and it makes for a really nice lunch as well!! 🙂 Tomato Salad for Relish Platter 2 Things You Will Need: 1 Medium to Small Mixing Bowl (larger if you are making more than shown) Large Spoon 1 Serrated Knife Cutting Board Container with Lid for Storing or Plastic Wrap Ingredients:

Instructions: With the cutting board and serrated knife, slice 1 slice of the white onion (in the wide part of the onion) and be sure it is thinly sliced, as if you were making onion rings. Place the rest of the onion away for another day use. Cut the onion into small like strips, not chopped, but also not to large. Place in Bowl. Tomato Salad for Relish Platter 3 Using the same serrated knife cut the end piece where the stalk stud is left on the roma tomatoes and discard. Cut the tomatoes in wedges, I cut in half and then slice from top to bottom so that I have nice bite wedges. Tomato Salad for Relish Platter 4Tomato Salad for Relish Platter 5 Place in bowl with onions. Shake the bottle of dressing you made to mix all the seasonings and pour the amount specified over the tomatoes and onions. Mix with spoon to evenly coat. If you want to add more, feel free to. You can never have enough dressing far as I am concerned Tomato Salad for Relish Platter 7 Cover bowl with plastic wrap or place in container with a tight fitting lid and refrigerate overnight is best but a minimum of 6 hours to let the flavors open up and mix together. Let it get to room temperature and toss with a spoon before serving.

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