Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread

Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread 1
Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread

When you think of garlic bread you think of something warm and inviting. Not to many people hate garlic bread and it is considered the most served appetizer with and without cheese. I do not mean to toot my own horn on things but this recipe,,, TOOT !!! TOOT!!! I am not kidding once you make this and how simple it is you will never want another garlic bread again.

You will need a few of my recipes to make this but once you have all that done it will be the easiest and most rewarding Garlic bread you have ever tried. The flavor of the garlic, the dripping buttery soft center and top that with just the right crunchy exterior will make you want to eat the whole loaf and trust me as much as I hate to admit it I HAVE!! Well ok maybe not the entire loaf but I have made this a meal once or twice in my life. All I can say is when you make this, you will be addicted as much as I am and it will take every will in your body to stop eating it. 

Things You Will Need:
Half Sheet Pan with Parchment Paper
Metal Tongs
Spoon or Knife
Serrated “Bread” Knife



Preheat Oven 350° F (177° C) – Convection 325° F (163° C)
To make this you have to have your 3 Cheese Garlic Spread and Homemade Thick Cut Bread for Garlic Bread and Toasting already made and the Spread should be at room temp and the bread should be cooled.

When cutting the pieces you want to be sure you have a part of the crust on each piece. First Cut the whole loaf in half using the bread knife as shown in the picture, then cut the half piece down the center (from open bread end to crust end) , now cut those into equal pieces – you should have 6 pieces from half a loaf. If doing the whole loaf you will have 12 pieces.

Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread 3

Take the 3 Cheese Garlic Spread and using the back of the spoon or knife spread a large amount on all open bread ends of the pieces you just cut and place on parchment lined sheet pan as shown. Be sure to get all sides that have the open bread showing and liberally coat them.

Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread 4
Place Foil over the top and place in oven for ONLY 3-5 minutes until the Garlic spread has melted slightly. Remove from oven and remove the foil. Quickly but gently while they are still warm add more of the Garlic Spread on the tops only that are exposed to you. Place back in the oven uncovered now and bake until you see them getting lightly golden – about 5-8 minutes.
Once lightly golden – take them out and flip them over using the metal tongs place a little more of the spread on this side and place them back in the oven.

Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread 5

See the Butter on the tray?

Remove when they have a nice even coating of golden and the bread part seems to have a crunchy exterior – about another 6-10 minutes. This is also the time if you want to add a little mozzarella-go ahead,  this will make a cheesy version. 🙂

Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread 6

Nicely Golden

(You may think hey I should use the garlic spread with a pastry brush and think to warm it in a microwave. DON’T DO IT!! It will not bake correctly when you put it back in the oven since the butter melted will make it fry not bake and your bread will be HARD)

Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread 7

These are Done

To Keep warm when serving – Place foil in a bowl and lay each one inside the foil and tuck the top together this will keep the heat of them inside and they will not dry out either. I also use decorative wicker baskets for my dinner table. These also do well in a warming drawer in the picture below with medium humidity setting. If I know it will be a bit before serving I will add a little more of the Spread to the tops before placing them in the drawer or in foil and it will be nicely melted by serving time.

Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread 8

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