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3 Cheese Garlic Spread

3 Cheese Garlic Spread 1
3 Cheese Garlic Spread

This can be used to add so many flavors to dishes as well as the “BEST” garlic bread you will ever try.
The making of this is simple and the rewards are outstanding. I use this on my Best Thick Cut Butter Dripping Garlic Bread, sautéing fresh vegetables, on meats, for added flavor in white sauces, even a little dollop on top of grilled meats before serving. Trust me, this is so simple but adds a lot of flavor to whatever you are cooking. You will be making and using this for many reasons and probably have this in your refrigerator always available like I do to make whatever you are making a little more special.

Best Homemade Taco Seasoning Ever

Best Homemade Taco Seasoning

I am always on the lookout for glass containers that have a good closing lid and I use these for homemade spice mixes.  One of my favorites is pictured with a wide opening for measuring spoons. Libby is the maker of this one. Just add your own labels and your good to go.

I usually have 4 or more empty ones for when I come up with inventions of my own. Why pay for spice combinations when you can make your own with what you have already on your shelf? More of my combinations will be added so be sure to come back often and see what else you can make.