Rhubarb Spray for Shrubs, Flowering Plants and Trees

Rhubarb Spray for Shrubs, Flowering Plants and Trees

Rhubarb is an amazing plant not only is it the best for pies and cobblers it is also beneficial to be used as a natural insecticide for your non-edible plants.

Rhubarb leaves can be used to make a natural pesticide that breaks down quickly and disposes of many unwelcome bugs without inhibiting the presence of beneficial bees.
Using a spray bottle, spray on leaves to kill off bugs such as aphids and spider mites, June bugs, and fungus diseases.

If you choose to make this, please heed my warnings.

USE GLOVES, CAUTION and of course when making this do not reuse the pot, spoon or strainer for any other purpose. I use old rummage sale pots and utensils for this and only this and store them in my garden supply area.
DO NOT USE on fruit baring plants and vegetable gardens. Nothing EDIBLE!!!!!

If you are a dog owner do not use this if your dog is the type that licks leaves. Dogs will get seriously sick and or death can occur.

Wearing gloves, place a large amount of rhubarb leaves in a few pints of water and boil for 30 minutes.
Allow leaf mixture to cool.
Strain the liquid into a CHILD PROOF/SAFE suitable container.
Add a tiny bit of mild dish detergent (not laundry detergent).
*NOTE – DO NOT spray this product on ANYTHING EDIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!
Store as a poison
Rhubarb spray will rot, so use it quickly or freeze the mixture. I make just enough to use in spring and again mid-summer.

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