Storing Lettuce for Freshness

Storing Lettuce for Freshness 1.1
Storing Lettuce for Freshness

The main purpose of this post is that you do not have to waste lettuce any longer. A few simple tricks and you will have your lettuce last you longer than ever before. Not to mention save you money and time. I love saving money don’t you???

Granted if you do not eat your lettuce it will eventually get to the point of no longer usable. 🙂

If you follow these simple tricks you will extend the life of your lettuce and will be so happy you did. I have extended the life of my lettuce by 2 weeks using this method and there is not a container out there that can do that. Another advantage of storing your lettuce, as seen on the first picture, they fit better in the drawer section of your refrigerator which is made for your lettuce.

Key Note; Remember to pick good quality lettuce with low blemishes seen.

Things You Will Need:
Lettuce Spinner
Large Freezer Zip Lock Bags


First you will want to Clean and Prep your lettuce as shown in Romaine Lettuce Cleaning and Preparation

First clean your lettuce and spin until dry.

Open up your large freezer bags and place the lettuce in it as shown below, remember you do not want to over fill your bag but place a good amount inside the bag.

Keep layering your lettuce leaf by leaf so they rest nicely on top of each other for two reasons.

1. They will compress better and not crack as much when compressing them
2. Easier removal when needed

Once you have them stacked, slowly close up half the bag from one corner to the center and gently push down on the bag to expel the air as shown. The idea here is you are getting rid of the air which also causes your lettuce to spoil sooner. Just like water on your lettuce, air is the other culprit. Keep pressing and closing the tab of the bag until most if not all the air has been removed. Do not worry about the few little crunches you may hear while doing this compression. Again slow and steady pressure is the key.

Once the air is removed you now can finish sealing off the bag, you will notice the bag keeps the compressed shape. Every time you use the lettuce repeat this process and place in your refrigerator lettuce drawer or vegetable drawer with the medium temperature selected. Lettuce likes humidity but not too much so if you have a humidity control place it in the center.

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